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September 29, 2009
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TF: Bioflare Full Reference by DemonicSora TF: Bioflare Full Reference by DemonicSora
Lawl ignore the shit quality.

:bulletgreen:Basic Overview:bulletgreen:

Name: Bioflare; her name is fitting with her past line of work. Now it's commented on merely for show if anything.
Nickname(s): Bio; others rarely call her by her full name and stick to this shortened version.
Gender: Femme.
Age: Adult; she was born during the war. In human years she'd probably be around 26.
Height: 23 ft.
Theme song: A Perfect Circle: Magdalena.

:bulletgreen:Extended Overview:bulletgreen:

Alt. Mode: Kawasaki Ninja Zx 10R of the green coloration. Clearly.
Primary Function: She was a chemical specialist. Thus where her name came into play.
Secondary, and far more used, Function: She dropped her spot among scientists to live a more peaceful life. One that consisted of dirty dancing for mechs at a high rank Genetlemech's club.
Faction: She was born into the Autobots but became a Neutral.


Parents: Both deceased from the war. Mother was an Autobot and father was a Decepticon. They had a real Romeo and Juliet style of life that ended badly for the both of them. But at least their pitspawn lived on.
Bondmate: None. She's not really looking for one either. But if the right mech were to pass she might pursue him.
Sparklings: Radioscreech; who was a total fluke on her part. But she loves the moody kid well enough.
Friends: Oh god too many. She makes friends quite easily.


She has an interesting personality. She started out a very meek and shy individual but quickly pulled a 360 as life progressed for her. She's very outright on her opinions and isn't afraid to shove cold hard facts into someone's face. Even if it does make matters worse. Her opinion MUST be heard.
She comes off as an intimidating succubus to most, which she doesn't mind. It's how she's supposed to act when on stage anyway. But take the time to get to know her and she'll be anyone's favorite drinking buddy. She has a wide sense of humor, remains open-minded and has a higher patience level than some give her credit for. Depending on the day. And the circumstances. And the--...ok well, she's more patient than most still.
Bio is very loyal to those she cares about and will go into combat mode to protect any of those said 'bots. She is VERY protective of her son; Radio. She will rip someone's spark out for messing with the kid. Only she's allowed to mess with him. And she does. Quite frequently. But that doesn't give anyone else the clearance to do so.
She's not ashamed of her line of work at all. She'd say it herself that she'd much rather be strutting her stuff and earning credits by the truck load than sitting at a cramped desk with vials of explosive liquids. Since she was a scientist once upon a time though her smarts are still with her. She's not naive in any way, shape or form and things seldom pass her optics unnoticed.
Long story short she's a nice femme to have on your side. But if you're on her bad side she'll dismantle ya like a praying mantis would a bug.


-She loves her job.
-She indulges in high grade and pure energon crystals on a regular basis.
-She's riiiiich.
-Bio is a total maneater. She'll pull them in and shoot them down most of the time. MOST of the time. Hence why Radio came to be.
-One of Bio's optics are red and the other is blue. This was a glitch from her parents being of different factions. She keeps the green goggles on at all times to cover this fact, not wanting to make a big deal over it all.
-Her alt. mode mods were removed so she could sell her body more efficiently on stage.
-She secretly gathers information from both factions and sells it off to her clients incognito. Hence another reason why she's rich.
-She someday wants to own her own club.

I am bound to change/add some of this information at some point. But here's the basics.
I'll try to get my other OC's refs up...sometime. I wanna get them all done though. I got...-counts-...4 more to go.

Art & Bioflare (c) Me.
Transformers (c) Has/tak.
Music Mood: A Perfect Circle: Magdalena.
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Israel42 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you got your self some interesting character! ^^
Kaliko08 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
did i see the word Succu
Demon-Lord-Maxine Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Wow! She looks really great. I'm amazed on how well you can drew the style and make it look like your own. ^^ :clap:
Intashu Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
O-o seeing how this style is drawn if they actually could transform it would be a really aquward vehicle wouldnt it? I mean the movies make them all boxy and yours are so round! ^.^'
DemonicSora Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
Fuck the movies. xD Bay ruined 'em.
But hey look at Transformers: Animated. Same thing there. Things are more roundish. And who cares, they're giant robots, they defy the laws of..everything.
Intashu Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
True... big robots that turn into things does seem to defy the laws of everything.... that is, unless they ARE real then that is just what they want you to think!
<_< maybeh the movie was just a cover.
BRH14 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
BTW , do you have a pic of her vehicle mode ? |3
And I couldn 't understand how Radio is connected to her .
DemonicSora Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
Not one drawn, too lazy to draw a motorcycle.
And Radio is her son. o:
BRH14 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
Oh , now I get it . Thanks . |3
You should try drawing one , though . C:
BRH14 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
Ok . Why is your art soo awesome ? |3
Seriously dude , you draw amazing . <3
Anything I 've seen from you is just awesome . C:
And it 's good to see more from Bio again . :>
Ah , TFA . I soo wish for a fourth season right now . x3

I really love how you combined the colours on her . :)
It 's like grey and green .
And then some of the parts are all shiny . :)
Creates a realistic feel . C:
The story is verery cretive as well .
It was interesting to find more about this OC .
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